Show Photos

Great Dane Club of Houston Specialty  3/18/2005
Judge Earl Asher
Best in Specialty Show to Finish!!

Houston Kennel Club   3/19/2005
Judge Dana Cline
Best of Breed!


Mesilla Valley Kennel Club - 10/02/04 - Judge Robert J Moore 
Winners Bitch
2 Points



Chaparral Kennel Club - 10/03/04 - Judge Judy Vanek
Winners Bitch, Best Puppy
2 Points

Chaparral Kennel Club - 10/03/04 -
Puppy Group 2



Cypress Creek Kennel Club - 11/06/04 - Judge Warren Benoit
Winners Bitch
1 Point


Heart of Texas Great Dane Club Specialty
1/29/05 - Judge Warren Benoit
Reserve Winners Bitch

Alamo Great Dane Club Specialty
1/30/05 - Judge Norvel Benoit
Winners Bitch
2 Points


Hobbs NM Kennel Club
2/05/2005 - Judge Houston Clark  1 Point
2/06/2005 - Judge Mrs Houston (Toddie) Clark  1 Point
Winner's Bitch / Best of Winners both days!

2 Wins - 2 Judges - 1 Photo- PRICELESS!


Plum Creek Kennel Club
February 18, 2005
Denver, CO
Judge James E Taylor

Winners Bitch

4 Point Major!


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