Little Romeo ( from the Eddie x Bridget litter ) went to live with Jarl and Elise Pedersen and their two children, Anine and Esben, in Houston. Lucky dog.......lucky family!

Photos of Romeo'ssummer vacation (2008) with Quincy    
Photos of Romeo's summer vacation (2007) with Quincy in Lake Charles

Meet Romeo's "cousin" in Norway
Quincy visits with Romeo and his Norwegian/Danish family

Romeo and his Norwegian/Danish family visit Quincy in Lake Charles

More Photos of Romeo May 2008!


Racing around the yard - March 2009

Playing with Zen
Romie visits with Kare, Paula and Elise

March 29, 2009

A kiss for mom

Romie and Elise

Romie wishes Anine a Happy Birthday

Sunbathing out by the pool
That is one whopper of a bone!

Special thanks to Rikke Pedersen (Romeo's human aunt) for the great photos above!


Anine, Esben, Treasure and Romeo
Christmas 2004

Romeo took his family snow skiing in Colorado during the Christmas 2004 holidays!


Espen, Elise, Anine and Romeo
( Jarl must be taking the photo? )

Don't I look like a movie star?


Did somebody say breakfast????

Don't eat the yellow snow, Romeo!


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