It was a Mini Family Reunion!

This past weekend (July 16-19, 2004) Quincy traveled to Houston in support of her litter brother, Rojon's Freedom Reigns (Carl), who was making his show debut at the huge Houston cluster known as the Reliant Park World Series of Dog Shows. During the shows, she stayed in a great hotel across the street that afforded plenty of room to stretch those long legs.

While I was unpacking her things from the van, she quickly staked out the bed, and indicated that I was to sleep in the crate on the floor next to her - after I finished unloading, unpacking, feeding her and taking her for a nice long stroll on the park-like grounds surrounding the hotel.

After the show on Sunday, brother Carl invited Quincy to his house to visit and play. He was hospitable in the finest Texas fashion, sharing his yard, his toys, and even his cushion.

Later, when they thought nobody would notice, they slipped away and climbed up on the bed to relax and talk about old times and catch up on recent news. They agreed it would be fun to get the whole gang together again, but weren't quite sure how to pull that off.

Quincy told me on the way home, just before she fell asleep, that she had so much fun she hoped we could go back and visit. She also hoped that Carl and his family would come to visit us!

Special thanks to Cindy Carlton for the photos of Carl and Quincy!


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