Quincy's Career

Quincy is in training as the official mascot of PhotoTek of Lake Charles. That training requires that she gain experience on both sides of the counter, as a customer as well as a staff member. She takes her training quite seriously, as do her mentors.

Quincy greets Mia and baby, Mary Rose

Mary Rose gets a personal greeting from Quincy

Kisses, kisses and more kisses


Mary Rose squeals with glee when Quincy nuzzles her


That darned Itasca - I'm always having to look over her shoulder to make sure she does it right!

Another of her many duties is checking the mail to be sure it is safe to open


Ashley teaches the proper way to greet a customer


Alyson conducts her own training session.....

....while Quincy pays very close attention.

My name is Quincy and I would like to see a digital camera. Do you have any treats for dogs?
Pleasure doing business with you! Now Manzell, teach me about being a PhotoTek Customer Service Representative

Time for a break with Lynn !

Practicing good customer service with Alyson and Wyatt



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