Quincy and Charlie in the Big Easy

Quincy and Charlie traveled to New Orleans in April to visit some of their favorite people, and to meet some new ones, too. Quincy's breeder, Mary Anne Zanetos, was there for the weekend, so it was a good opportunity to visit with her, and our very special friends Apple and Larry Lane, who live in the French Quarter along with their two Great Danes, Siro and Twyla who were also bred by Mary Anne.

We stayed in a very quaint French Quarter hotel that was only a block and a half from Apple and Larry's house. The hotel rolled out the red carpet for Quincy and Charlie, and their human escort.

Apple and Larry hosted a magnificent dinner for all of us on Saturday night. We had a wonderful visit, and enjoyed the company of the dogs and great conversation. Sunday morning the dogs enjoyed a trip to the dog park around the corner from Apple and Larry's house, and wore themselves out playing with the many French Quarter dogs who frequent the park. The humans enjoyed visiting, too.

Special thanks to Apple for sharing her wonderful photos. And special thanks to Larry for these videos, also:
Quincy visits the French Quarter! - Google Video
The always dapper Mr. Charles Stebbins - Google Video
               Quincy and the Squeaky Ball (9.4Mb)


Twyla (brindle dane on left), Charlie, and Quincy enjoy playing with 2 other dogs in the dog park.


Charlie (left), Quincy (foreground), Siro (center back) and Twyla (far right) visit with the humans on the back patio before dinner.

Are you going to eat all of that????? I can help!
That looks like the best piece of filet mignon I ever saw!
Could you just save me one bite? Even the salad looks good enough to eat.

Shall we dance?

Charlie takes Angus out for a spin

Quincy and Charlie meet the infamous Vico,
a Spinoni Italiano

Quincy takes a break in the shade

Quincy and Siro watch from the sideline


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