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 See more of Buster, and his show record here.

Carmen's pup now has a name - and a new co-owner. He is now officially Rojon's Ransom Demand (his dam, Ch Rojon's Loveletter, will steal your heart. He will hold you for ransom!). His new co-owner is Ann Maile, who also has Angel, from the TJ x Carmen litter.

We have a great slide show of pics of Mom Carmen and her baby boy. Here's what Mary Anne says about the photos you'll see:

I was so lucky to be able to capture that moment between Carmen and her baby son.  She was trying to get him to settle down for a nap, so the sequence begins with Carmen lying down in the hope he'll cuddle up and go to sleep. He finally did, but only after chewing on Carmen's feet, face and ears!  In the end, you can see he settled down and fell asleep on her, which is what he usually does.

See the Slide Show
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Young Buster's road trip to a dog show in Indiana with his half sister, Angel.

Show Photos

Buster follows Angel down the wooded path
March 2009
Photos above and below taken November 18, 2007
Buster is growing up!
Buster enjoying his first winter - he is standing on top of 10-12 inches of snow - and
then he curls up on a nice warm bed inside to warm up!

Buster at 8 months

Buster is practicing for all the win pictures he plans to take
as soon as he starts showing in a few weeks!



First Portrait
15 Weeks
Thanks to Apple for the beautiful portrait, done from a snapshot


12 Weeks, relaxing at home

12 Weeks, relaxing at home

Announcing his arrival with a High Five


First stacked photos below, with Patrice and Jeff Lawrence


'Buster' shows off his new ears below


July 22, 2006


July 22, 2006





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